[PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT] Government Mechanics Strike

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Public Service Announcement - Strike Action

Dear The People,
An unexpected strike course has taken action by official personnel who work for the Los Santos Pay 'N' Spray organization. This strike comes as a result of the workers looking a pay rise. These mechanics that provide the speedy services to all of the people within the city are requiring a 25% pay rise. Negotiations are currently ongoing and are in deliberations. The strike is set to take place over the next seven (7) days. The strike is to end on midnight 13/APR/2024. The strike could end earlier if pay negotiations are met by the PNS Union. For now, the citizens of this city are encouraged to seek repairs via privately-owned organizations or individual mechanics who can help with services, repairs and over-all checks.

Yours Honorably,
Office of The Mayor
Date: 06/APR/2024
Signed: Image